Yeta was started with the vision to "enable people".

The evolving lifestyle, work pressure and changing environments lead to silent and gradual stress buildup among people. They are not geared up to sense and address these negative factors effectively. It is important to reflect on ones moods, attitude, perspectives and related psychological attributes, so that all of it directed in the right way would lead to self-awareness, improved well-being and increased productivity.

Yeta mission is to provide Technology enabled platform for Productivity Enhancement, Personal Well-being & Potential Development.

Team YETA comprises of vastly experienced, skilled and dedicated members who have come together with a passion to create innovative and pathbreaking solutions. Team YETA includes members with cross-industry global expertise in leadership, organisational psychology, psychometric evaluation, behavioral assessments and interventions. Team has 120+ years of business, domain & technology experience in Manufacturing, FMCG, Banking, Pharma, Retail, IT Services & High Tech sectors.

Yeta is head-quartered in Bengaluru.


CEO & Founder

33+ years exp, executive leadership roles in Tech MNCs and start-ups, Mentor & advisor
Engineering, Operations, Product management, Business development and sales, Fund raiser, Company roadmap


Chief Psychometric Officer

28+ years exp, Leadership roles in organisational psychology, talent management in large corporations
Psychometric Research and Development, Training & counselling design


Head of Consulting & Customer Experience

25+ years exp, Leadership roles in software development, consulting and services
Deployment, Service delivery, Consulting, Customer success


Product Architect

15+ years of exp, in MNC's, Services industry and Startups.
Product architecture, New product initiatives, Polyglot Programmer, Masterd in web, mobile Technologies


Leader - Psychometric

13+ years exp, NGO sector, counselling therapy
Psychometric R&D, Data analysis, Inference


Leader - Psychometric

15+ years exp, specialised in psychometric evaluation, behavioural assessments, diagnosis and interventions
Psychometric R&D, Data analysis, Inference