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The two founders, one of them was a CEO in MNC and the other one, a senior HR executive and psychologist were discussing about the challenges of people at workplace and what organisations are doing about. Their 25+ years of experience in handling the workforce came to the fore and their evolution over time made their conversation interesting.

They focused their thoughts on how to bring out the innate capabilities of people to the fore and generate peak performance. They figured out a way of doing this  and Yeta was born. 



Co-founder. 33+ years experience in tech business, played executive leadership roles in large MNCs and start-ups, mentor & advisor


Varadha Raju

Engineering, Operations, Product management, Business development and sales, Fund raiser,  Company roadmap


Co-founder. 28+ yrs. of experience in HR, heading Learning & Development for large organisations. His doctoral thesis was in organisational psychology and has effectively used psychology in talent development in organisations. 

Chief Psychometric Officer

Dr.  Karthikeyan

Psychometric Research and Development, Diagnosis and Intervention strategies

15+ yrs. of experience in prototyping, product engineering, agile software development, application integration and data extraction & analysis. part of multiple startups from concept development to product realisation.

Product Architect

Nandan Shivakumar

Product architecture, Design, build and release, Technology development


 25+ yrs. of experience in technology development, software product engineering, services and consulting in Manufacturing, Banking & E-Commerce  domains. 

Head of Consulting & Customer Experience

Gowri Shanker

Deployment, Service delivery, Consulting, Customer success

Muthulakshmi PP photo_edited.png

13+ yrs. of experience in Non Governmental Organisations, dealing with children having learning disabilities and street children. She is Masters in Social Work and Masters in Labour Studies.

Leader - Psychometry


Psychometric R&D, Data analysis, Inference


15+ years exp, specialised in psychometric evaluation,  behavioural assessments, diagnosis and interventions

Leader - Psychometry

Jyothi Verma

Psychometric R&D, Data analysis, Inference