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ATMA nGage senses the engagement level of employees in an organisation. It uses specially designed psychometric tools to bring out the feelings,  emotions and the state of mind of the employees towards their organisation.

Our  platform can be applied to all employees in the organisation including all  levels.


Psychometric sensing 

Tech platform

Consulting advisory


What we bring

Enterprise grade application ATMA nGage which helps to 

 "Identify positive and negative factors influencing employee engagement with

the organisation using real time data driven insights,

enable focused interventions to create a happy workplace"

Psychometric  Data

Map cognitive, affective and behavioural elements; understanding deeper state of mind

Happy Workplace

Helps organisations to define as well as fine-tune employee engagement strategies to create a happy workplace.

Effective & Inclusive

Every employee's voice heard and their issues understood, leading to corrective actions.

Privacy and Security

Your trust is our top concern. Individual data never exposed to anyone.

Meaningful Insights

Provides powerful and continuous insights about employees' engagement level and emotional state and root cause.