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ATMA aWake is to help college going students to pursue their course to activate their dream. It helps them to be aware of personality, behaviour, belief and attitude and build necessary life skills which are essential for success.

ATMA aWake is a tech platform using mobile, web and cloud technologies.

What we bring

Consumer grade application ATMA aWake which helps to 

 "college students to become more effective in terms of developing their soft skills and life skills as appropriate for their success, while institutions can work on personalised precision skill development strategy to impart them effectively"

Direction setting

Precise self awareness and helps students to carve their path for right profession

Psychometric  Sensing

Map cognitive, affective and behavioural elements

Customised Interventions

Focused Behavioural Modification Sessions (BMS) personalised for every student need 

Data Insights

Powerful, intelligent and objective data for institutions about their students' capabilities and preferences. Makes their life better.


Enables understanding and collaboration among the students, institution and parents


Guiding through, in parallel with their academic curriculum,  continuous engagement and support