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The state of the industry

Industry 4.0 drivers - every business is a digital business,  HR digitalisation is need of the hour. Business excellence can come through harnessing the power of teams and individuals. Emotional intelligence and mindful leadership is the key to success.

Current state of people development

Current people development model is broken and no clear understanding of underlying strengths and issues, hence  a general broad brush approach. Sub-optimal experience and outcome for the employees. Subjective bias and not knowing their strengths and weakness are impacting their learning, potential development and performance in the organisation.

What we bring

Enterprise grade application ATMA which helps to 

 "Increase organisational productivity and employee  engagement with

real time data driven insights to

understand the employee well being and potential, and to

enable personalized interventions."

Decision Support system

Employees soft data is the key business driver: enables organisation in formulating peoples strategy  to achieve stronger business growth

Employee Development

Acts like coach and companion instilling intrinsic motivation to develop self.


Softer side of employees digitalized for easier understanding and precision actions.

Psychometric  Data

Map cognitive, affective and behavioural elements

Data Analytics

Provides insights about leadership effectiveness culture aspirations engagement and emotional quotients.


Enables everyone with equal opportunity to grow and succeed 

Privacy and Security

Your trust is our top concern. Individual data never exposed to anyone.