Nothing influences the success of a workplace more than the psychological state of mind of the people who work there. Their moods, emotions, attitudes, behavioral patterns - all differ from person to person, positively or negatively influencing your workplace. The happier they are, the better their productivity.

So, how about knowing in what state of mind they are on a day to day basis! YETA presents ATMA - a technology solution for organisations and employees, that provides Productivity Enhancement through nurturing Personal Wellbeing & Potential Development. Designed with the well-being of both the Workforce and the Management in mind, ATMA is all about Awareness, Transformation and Mental Agility.


Yeta - People as Competetive Advantage

Your people
your true differentiator

Competition can match on machines & customer processes, where there is control and predictable behavior. But focusing on People creates a unique and true business advantage.